Harvest 2013

Image Harvest started with Lake Breeze picking their portion of the Pinot Gris on October 15. They picked 4.6 tons at 23 Brix. We picked some for us on October 20 and decided to barrel ferment it in an old Chardonnay barrel. The rest we had in a fermenter to use later as top-up wine. The Brix on that portion of the vineyard was close to 24 Brix.

Free run Chard

The Chardonnay, from a different vineyard, was brought in on Oct 2. Straight into the press and into the tank for mixing. Then into barrels for fermenting.

Picture to left showing me drinking the free-run juice.

The Pinot Noir was picked between Oct 25 and the last block (picture below) picked on November 14.

Last block of PN Oct 24

25% of the fruit was left with stems on and the rest destemmed. The juice was left in two ton fermenters for cold soak. The temperature outside was low enough that no fermentation started spontaneously. Cold soak lasted for 5 days.

We also made two barrels of a mix of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, picked late November at approx. 24 Brix.










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