On Our Own Decision


During the late summer of 2015, when we got more and more involved in making the decisions and doing the work in the vineyard, we started thinking more and more about going further and actually making the wine ourselves. It is of course a big step, but it was also the natural next step, and if that step is to be made, now is better than next year.

Since you have to have a winery and a licence to produce alcoholic beverages, we decided to do what many others have done – rent space in an existing winery with extra room.  Our friends at Foxtrot did not have room for our operation so we talked to the talented people at Okanagan Crush Pad who are doing a great job in their winery but also especially on the viticultural side. We were seriously considering going there, the people are great, but our problem was that they are too far away for us, making it difficult for us to be seriously involved in all aspects of our winemaking processes.

We talked to a few wineries in the area, but were then introduced to Richard Roskell at Marichel Winery. They are a small grower and producer of Syrah and Viognier and they did have some excess capacity which would fit our production perfectly. We hit it off immediately with Richard, and a few weeks later we were bringing our first harvest in to begin our processes at Marichel.

Several factors with Marichel and Richard were so perfectly in-line with our goals and visions in our venture…from not only the proximity to our vineyard and home, but as well to the freedom of access to the winery, the equipment we needed and the gentle support of thoughts and suggestions from Richard when needed.

…so began the long journey from grape to wine….


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